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Any ship’s documents, accompanied even with photographic evidence, can only tell you so much. Any owner/operator wishing to buy, finance or charter a ship, or even assess the performance of its technical managers in an objective and thorough manner must appoint someone to actually inspect on site the ship itself.

A Condition Survey provides an assessment of physical property conditions. The survey that is conducted examines the vessel’s seaworthiness, identify deficiencies and maintenance issues including, but not limited to, structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic systems, cargo gear, pumping system, fire protection, soil erosion and life safety systems. The extent of the Condition Survey is tailored on the Client’s need and appetite for information.

We work with the Owner/Operator to develop both long and short-term vessel strategies, based on the market needs and vessel condition assessment reports.

With condition conveyance becoming increasingly important in lending arrangements, an Owner/Operator cannot afford being complacent when it comes to evaluating the condition of a vessel. Equally, in these depressed shipping market, Owners and Charterers need to ensure their asset is capable of performing as required in order to maximize earnings