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Predictable and hassle free solution for dry dockings – we deliver standardized and efficient ships agency services to ensure your dry docking requirements and schedules are met, avoiding delays and minimizing unexpected cost.

Choosing a reliable agent is key to optimize the process and avoid conflicting interests between yard and ship owner. The scope of work involved in a dry-docking is complex and involves liaising with various parties – the ship agent has to establish good relations with the relevant Dry-docks. In addition, a ship agent has to liaise with all the concerned authorities, and suppliers and service providers, well before vessel arrival to ensure smooth operations.

Providing attention to detail every step of the way

  • Consistent quality, availability and pricing
  • Clear and continuous communication
  • Transparent cost control and thorough follow-up
  • No administrative hassles –we are on time and in control


During pre-arrival planning, we draw out the scope of the dry-docking process with you.

2-. Arrival

During your arrival at port, we set a work plan of action for your dry docking.

3-. Dry Docking

During the dry docking process at the dock, coordination and communication is absolutely critical.

4-. Departure

During your departure from the dock, we arrange all agency services to ensure your safe departure.