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Our team and combined expertise offers a unique outsourcing alternative for clients who seek pre-purchase inspections and advise on purchasing second-hand vessels of any type. We are dedicated to provide meaningful value in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our skilled and experienced group of professionals undertakes pre-purchase inspections of second-hand vessels of any type at the completion of which a thorough and detailed pre-purchase survey report is issued. Our survey reports deviate from the standardized technical reports currently offered in the market in that they are detailed and elaborate on the Vessel’s hull, machinery, rig, service systems and equipment which are all examined in a thorough and objective manner by our competent surveyors. A clear, objective and detailed report is issued to the client consisting of a full description and analysis of the condition, quality, functionality and faults, if any, of the vessel, at the time of our survey, accompanied by a set of detailed recommendations.

Lastly, our experts’ reports are always written in a clear and concise manner in plain English allowing thus even the unaware and non-technical individual to make decisive judgments on investments according to the data provided