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SinoSila services include a wide range of technical support services such as Conversion & Repairs Supervision, ship survey services, Preparation of Repair Specifications including and conversions modification and renovations consulting, project management and on –site supervision.

The biggest expenditure for any investor after purchasing a ship is the cost of dry-docking. Whether the vessel is undergoing an intermediate (30 Month) or special (60 Month) survey, these considerable costs may adversely affect the vessel’s OPEX if not properly managed.

Many Owners today are short of highly experienced senior officers and although their sea-staff are competent in the day to day running of the vessel, they often appearing lack of experience in the more complicated operations of pre dry-docking repairs and dry-docking preparations.

The 3 – stages of dry-docking.

  1. Pre dry-dock planning; vessel inspection, technical specification development, shipyard selection.
  2. During Dry-docking: project management , quality control , scheduling, decision making .
  3. Post Dry-dock: financial negotiation , warranty management.

Using a dedicated independent Dry-Dock consultant to oversee the process benefits the investor by consolidating the specification to get a clear, accurate quotation from multiple yards and selecting the best available for your requirements.

Experience has also shown that many items on present day dry- dock list can be repaired or replaced by sea going repair teams, which is much more cost effective method of repair than those made in Dry-Dock.

Our team is able to undertake large repair projects and management of Dry-Docking if any Ship-Owner / Manager wants or need to outsource.

Our afloat and anchorage repair arm is covering the most of job can be executed afloat avoiding a high cost occurring in order to be done at Dry – Dock.

Our survey team shelter a wide range of qualifications providing all kind of simple or specialized works.