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We provide a comprehensive suite of managed lay-up packages that can be adapted to your vessels, including:

  • Assessment and recommendation of the most appropriate mode of lay up;
  • Identification and arrangement of suitable berths with provision of suitable security and shore services as required;
  • Development and implementation of relevant planned maintenance schedules;
  • Temporary decommissioning of ship’s systems;
  • Liaison with statutory authorities;
  • Provision of skeleton or full maintenance crew, all qualified to STCW requirements;
  • Vessel husbandry and superintendence;
  • Maintenance of certification, charts and publications;
  • Predefined inspection and condition reporting schedule;

Our reactivation service packages are designed to return your vessels into service at the minimum cost and in the required time frame. Typical services include:

  • Arrangement for all certification to be restored;
  • Development and implementation of essential system reactivation schedule;
  • Liaison with Original Equipment Manufacturers for essential repair and re-commissioning of machinery and systems;
  • Development and implementation of acceptance and handover procedures including a comprehensive program of progressive harbor and sea trials;
  • Crew training and familiarization;