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SinoSila – Shipping Trading & Consultants Co. Ltd geared to provide specialist marine, technical & consultancy services, at the highest standards, to companies that are currently active in the international maritime community. Our Company constantly aims to facilitate the goals and accommodate the day-to-day needs of our Clients. Our unique professional culture, experience, extensive international network of associates and affiliates can assure successful results.

In SinoSila we have formed, and abide by, a set of principles that formulate the core value system of our work ethic. These principles are meaningful work and meaningful professional relationships, efficacy and effective communication. We firmly believe that success is the by-product of the interplay of these principles. You are invited to explore this website of ours where you shall become acquainted with not only our core principles but also with the services we are keen to provide as SinoSila – Shipping , Trading & Consultants Co. LTD.

Please enquire your quotation for AGENCY / MARINE / TECHNICAL / MARITIME CONSULTANCY Services and become one of our many satisfied clientele.

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Sinosila is here to offer its Reliability Efficiency, Diligence and Deep knowledge of China , Taiwan & Hong Kong ports. Our well established network aims to fulfill the needs of the Principals entrusting us with their business operations.